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Staff Email - Generic Email Settings

For those who are not using the supported email clients (Outlook, Entourage, Outlook Web Access) this page contains a list of generic email settings which you may use to configure your email application. Please note that the IS Services Helpdesk can not provide support in configuring any email application other than the ones noted above, beyond supplying the settings outlined on this page.

Account Credentials

In most email applications when prompted for your email account credentials you should provide your College username and network login password. If asked for your email address you should enter it in the form ''.


We recommend the use of the IMAP protocol when accessing your College email account. Using IMAP means that all your email is left stored in your account on the Exchange email server and so can be accessed from multiple devices and online via OWA at If you use the POP protocol that will mean all email will be downloaded to the POP email client and no longer available from other devices or online via OWA.

'Incoming' and 'Outgoing' Mail Servers

All email applications will need to be configured to use the incoming server, often referred to as mail server or receiving server, and the outgoing server, often referred to as SMTP server or sending server. The server settings for College are the same whether you are using POP or IMAP.

The College incoming server is
The College outgoing server is

Secure Email - 'SSL'

The College email server is a 'secure' server. This means that to connect to the College email server you will need to locate and enable 'SSL' in your email application for both the incoming and outgoing servers. If your email client does not support such secure connections then you will have to use another email client.

If you are prompted for a 'port' for SSL, then for IMAP enter 993or for POP/POP3 enter 995. For SMTP enter port 587 using TLS, or if this is not supported in your email client enter 25 using TLS.

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